Definition of Overtop

Overtop v means: look down on

The villa dominates the town

What is the meaning/definition of Overtop ?

Overtop (v) means: look down on Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Ovoetrp

Meaning of Overtop

Overtop (v) means: look down on

Overtop (v): Look down on. Example usage of Overtop: The villa dominates the town

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More meanings and definitions of Overtop?

Overtop (v): Look down on

Meanings and definitions of Overtop?

Overtop (v. t.): To rise above the top of; to exceed in height; to tower above.

Overtop (v. t.): To go beyond; to transcend; to transgress.

Overtop (v. t.): To make of less importance, or throw into the background, by superior excellence; to dwarf; to obscure.

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Create anagrams from eptroov. overtop. is an anagram from orvepto. Word anagrams for prvetoo. overtop tovoepr word puzzles, pevroto. Meaning of overtop.

Meaning of overtop

Form anagrams from ovpoetr. overtop. is an anagram from orvtpoe. Word puzzles for tprveoO. overtop otorvpe, rotpeov. Meaning of overtop.

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