Definition of Nominally

Nominally r means: in name only

Nominally he is the boss

What is the meaning/definition of Nominally ?

Nominally (r) means: in name only Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Nliomalny

Meaning of Nominally

Nominally (r) means: in name only

Nominally (r): In name only. Example usage of Nominally: Nominally he is the boss

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More meanings and definitions of Nominally?

Nominally (r): In name only

Meanings and definitions of Nominally?

Nominally (adv.): In a nominal manner; by name; in name only; not in reality.

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Create anagrams from ymilannol. nominally. is an anagram from llionmnya. Word anagrams for lailonnmy. nominally ynlaomiln word puzzles, moianynll. Meaning of nominally.

Meaning of nominally

Form anagrams from nymnaloil. nominally. is an anagram from ynaoillmn. Word puzzles for nllayoiNm. nominally ninylamol, yaiomlnln. Meaning of nominally.

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