Definition of M-1 rifle

M-1 rifle n means: a semiautomatic rifle

What is the meaning/definition of M-1 rifle ?

M-1 rifle (n) means: a semiautomatic rifle Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of F1-elrm i

Meaning of M-1 rifle

M-1 rifle (n) means: a semiautomatic rifle

M-1 rifle (n): A semiautomatic rifle. Example usage of M-1 rifle:

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More meanings and definitions of M-1 rifle?

M-1 rifle (n): A semiautomatic rifle

Meanings and definitions of M-1 rifle?

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Create anagrams from 1lrfe -im. m-1 rifle. is an anagram from mief1l-r . Word anagrams for -re fl1mi. m-1 rifle m-fi1el r word puzzles, l rfi1em-. Meaning of m-1 rifle.

Meaning of m-1 rifle

Form anagrams from frml1 i-e. m-1 rifle. is an anagram from elrfmi- 1. Word puzzles for fMli e1r-. m-1 rifle lfe1mi-r, 1 ire-mfl. Meaning of m-1 rifle.

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