Definition of Jittery

Jittery s means: being in a tense state

What is the meaning/definition of Jittery ?

Jittery (s) means: being in a tense state Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Itejryt

Meaning of Jittery

Jittery (s) means: being in a tense state

Jittery (s): Being in a tense state. Example usage of Jittery:

Jittery (a): Characterized by jerky movements. Example usage of Jittery: A jittery ride

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More meanings and definitions of Jittery?

Jittery (a): Characterized by jerky movements

Jittery (s): Being in a tense state

Meanings and definitions of Jittery?

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Create anagrams from iettyjr. jittery. is an anagram from eijttyr. Word anagrams for trytije. jittery ijtrtey word puzzles, ryjitte. Meaning of jittery.

Meaning of jittery

Form anagrams from rttyeji. jittery. is an anagram from tiejryt. Word puzzles for itJerty. jittery eyjritt, tijetry. Meaning of jittery.

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