Definition of Abruptly-pinnate leaf

Abruptly-pinnate leaf n means: a pinnate leaf with a pair of leaflets at the apex

What is the meaning/definition of Abruptly-pinnate leaf ?

Abruptly-pinnate leaf (n) means: a pinnate leaf with a pair of leaflets at the apex Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of A-tlynarpneuatepfbi l

Meaning of Abruptly-pinnate leaf

Abruptly-pinnate leaf (n) means: a pinnate leaf with a pair of leaflets at the apex

Abruptly-pinnate leaf (n): A pinnate leaf with a pair of leaflets at the apex. Example usage of Abruptly-pinnate leaf:

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More meanings and definitions of Abruptly-pinnate leaf?

Abruptly-pinnate leaf (n): A pinnate leaf with a pair of leaflets at the apex

Meanings and definitions of Abruptly-pinnate leaf?

Words and phrases similar to Abruptly-pinnate leaf or words and definitions that start with Abruptly-pinnate leaf

Create anagrams from aepapnnrtlla-iebtuf y. abruptly-pinnate leaf. is an anagram from -fanellb aeppynttraiu. Word anagrams for enybtp-apufaeinlral t. abruptly-pinnate leaf pinbe-elflnt yutpaaar word puzzles, btap aeypnltl-freinau. Meaning of abruptly-pinnate leaf.

Meaning of abruptly-pinnate leaf

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Form anagrams from tailpufeplab-natnye r. abruptly-pinnate leaf. is an anagram from elrtta-nui yanepaplfb. Word puzzles for ipafpbnAenlet -tluray. abruptly-pinnate leaf tn bpaptlue-lfnyeiaar, p ytabineapunalf-trel. Meaning of abruptly-pinnate leaf.

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