Definition of Huitre

Huitre n means: edible body of any of numerous oysters

What is the meaning/definition of Huitre ?

Huitre (n) means: edible body of any of numerous oysters Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Iuhtre

Meaning of Huitre

Huitre (n) means: edible body of any of numerous oysters

Huitre (n): Edible body of any of numerous oysters. Example usage of Huitre:

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Huitre (n): Edible body of any of numerous oysters

Meanings and definitions of Huitre?

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Create anagrams from irtehu. huitre. is an anagram from ierhtu. Word anagrams for hitrue. huitre eriuht word puzzles, iureht. Meaning of huitre.

Meaning of huitre

Form anagrams from ietruh. huitre. is an anagram from ieturh. Word puzzles for ueirHt. huitre uiehtr, iehutr. Meaning of huitre.

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