Definition of Abominable

Abominable s means: exceptionally bad or displeasing

Atrocious taste|abominable workmanship|an awful voice|dreadful manners|a painful performance|terrible handwriting|an unspeakable odor came sweeping into the room

What is the meaning/definition of Abominable ?

Abominable (s) means: exceptionally bad or displeasing Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Miebnlaoab

Meaning of Abominable

Abominable (s) means: exceptionally bad or displeasing

Abominable (s): Exceptionally bad or displeasing. Example usage of Abominable: Atrocious taste|abominable workmanship|an awful vo

Abominable (s): Unequivocally detestable. Example usage of Abominable: Abominable treatment of prisoners|detestable vices

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More meanings and definitions of Abominable?

Abominable (s): Unequivocally detestable

Abominable (s): Exceptionally bad or displeasing

Meanings and definitions of Abominable?

Abominable (a.): Worthy of, or causing, abhorrence, as a thing of evil omen; odious in the utmost degree; very hateful; detestable; loathsome; execrable.

Abominable (a.): Excessive; large; -- used as an intensive.

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Create anagrams from bmaibloane. abominable. is an anagram from ibbolnamae. Word anagrams for lbnmabieoa. abominable neaimablbo word puzzles, bieaolbnam. Meaning of abominable.

Meaning of abominable

Meaning of abominable snowman

Form anagrams from embianlabo. abominable. is an anagram from nmoeblabia. Word puzzles for bAamleinbo. abominable nmaiaelobb, bneaamolib. Meaning of abominable.

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