Definition of Hair-shirted

Hair-shirted a means: self-sacrificing or austere

What is the meaning/definition of Hair-shirted ?

Hair-shirted (a) means: self-sacrificing or austere Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Thair-dhrsie

Meaning of Hair-shirted

Hair-shirted (a) means: self-sacrificing or austere

Hair-shirted (a): Self-sacrificing or austere. Example usage of Hair-shirted:

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Hair-shirted (a): Self-sacrificing or austere

Meanings and definitions of Hair-shirted?

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Create anagrams from dirat-serhih. hair-shirted. is an anagram from srrheti-dhia. Word anagrams for -irhristdaeh. hair-shirted arhtrs-idihe word puzzles, ht-hasrredii. Meaning of hair-shirted.

Meaning of hair-shirted

Form anagrams from sehriatrhdi-. hair-shirted. is an anagram from aeiirhrh-std. Word puzzles for tsr-daieiHrh. hair-shirted itehihs-radr, rerdatish-hi. Meaning of hair-shirted.

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