Definition of Habitue

Habitue n means: a regular patron

An habitue of the racetrack|a bum who is a Central Park fixture

What is the meaning/definition of Habitue ?

Habitue (n) means: a regular patron Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Atbiheu

Meaning of Habitue

Habitue (n) means: a regular patron

Habitue (n): A regular patron. Example usage of Habitue: An habitue of the racetrack|a bum who is a Central

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More meanings and definitions of Habitue?

Habitue (n): A regular patron

Meanings and definitions of Habitue?

Habitue (n.): One who habitually frequents a place; as, an habitue of a theater.

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Create anagrams from tbhauei. habitue. is an anagram from ieautbh. Word anagrams for ihauetb. habitue iaeubht word puzzles, iatuehb. Meaning of habitue.

Meaning of habitue

Form anagrams from htiuabe. habitue. is an anagram from tbaihue. Word puzzles for ebHauti. habitue bitauhe, euabtih. Meaning of habitue.

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