Definition of Ground-effect machine

Ground-effect machine n means: a craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines

What is the meaning/definition of Ground-effect machine ?

Ground-effect machine (n) means: a craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Etrdehfcnnmg-e coifua

Meaning of Ground-effect machine

Ground-effect machine (n) means: a craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines

Ground-effect machine (n): A craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air. Example usage of Ground-effect machine:

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More meanings and definitions of Ground-effect machine?

Ground-effect machine (n): A craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air

Meanings and definitions of Ground-effect machine?

Words and phrases similar to Ground-effect machine or words and definitions that start with Ground-effect machine

Create anagrams from hfemicdgreunon-ceta f. ground-effect machine. is an anagram from infeuagfhncrt -omeced. Word anagrams for geuin afedfhcmt-ercon. ground-effect machine ri ocffahmgecunde-nte word puzzles, efnu ehag-edromtnfcci. Meaning of ground-effect machine.

Meaning of ground-effect machine

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Form anagrams from ffoedh gi-mcecantnure. ground-effect machine. is an anagram from uofedneciagnmf-ertch . Word puzzles for e-anecchfrinmtGduoef. ground-effect machine hfetoeceu -indngramcf, rgdeifaenenfo-hcu ctm. Meaning of ground-effect machine.

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