Definition of Granulated sugar

Granulated sugar n means: sugar in the form of small grains

What is the meaning/definition of Granulated sugar ?

Granulated sugar (n) means: sugar in the form of small grains Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Udggeanaurlrt as

Meaning of Granulated sugar

Granulated sugar (n) means: sugar in the form of small grains

Granulated sugar (n): Sugar in the form of small grains. Example usage of Granulated sugar:

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More meanings and definitions of Granulated sugar?

Granulated sugar (n): Sugar in the form of small grains

Meanings and definitions of Granulated sugar?

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Create anagrams from sudanrugglt eaar. granulated sugar. is an anagram from nedgaauaursrt gl. Word anagrams for ungg udsarlraeta. granulated sugar ensrratadgl aguu word puzzles, ers atrdugulanga. Meaning of granulated sugar.

Meaning of granulated sugar

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Form anagrams from atgnr auugslerad. granulated sugar. is an anagram from eaagt rrlnuasugd. Word puzzles for erundsaarGag utl. granulated sugar lernu adgsgurata, geauuagdlrsr tna. Meaning of granulated sugar.

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