Definition of Granulated sugar

Granulated sugar n means: sugar in the form of small grains

What is the meaning/definition of Granulated sugar ?

Granulated sugar (n) means: sugar in the form of small grains Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of E daaagrutgrluns

Meaning of Granulated sugar

Granulated sugar (n) means: sugar in the form of small grains

Granulated sugar (n): Sugar in the form of small grains. Example usage of Granulated sugar:

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More meanings and definitions of Granulated sugar?

Granulated sugar (n): Sugar in the form of small grains

Meanings and definitions of Granulated sugar?

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Create anagrams from traugda asnregul. granulated sugar. is an anagram from ag ntrlauersuadg. Word anagrams for auetagrdagrnusl. granulated sugar eaugunlsratgrda word puzzles, elasruguad rtagn. Meaning of granulated sugar.

Meaning of granulated sugar

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Form anagrams from urlggndstr aauae. granulated sugar. is an anagram from drlgarta nsguuea. Word puzzles for alatunagsderuGr. granulated sugar ngrdu saguaeatrl, lnduu aarrsgtega. Meaning of granulated sugar.

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