Definition of Genus steatornis

Genus steatornis n means: type and sole genus of the family Steatornithidae

What is the meaning/definition of Genus steatornis ?

Genus steatornis (n) means: type and sole genus of the family Steatornithidae Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Gieensrtsousa nt

Meaning of Genus steatornis

Genus steatornis (n) means: type and sole genus of the family Steatornithidae

Genus steatornis (n): Type and sole genus of the family Steatornithidae. Example usage of Genus steatornis:

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More meanings and definitions of Genus steatornis?

Genus steatornis (n): Type and sole genus of the family Steatornithidae

Meanings and definitions of Genus steatornis?

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Create anagrams from ua getssirntenso. genus steatornis. is an anagram from sugnto estianers. Word anagrams for eosur tsnaietsgn. genus steatornis nsaieuenttsgros word puzzles, gnao siesrstuten. Meaning of genus steatornis.

Meaning of genus steatornis

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Form anagrams from ireasoegstutnsn . genus steatornis. is an anagram from tsienrs toasgnue. Word puzzles for tntsnasoeesiur G. genus steatornis rau onstsseinegt, unnitsert sgaeso. Meaning of genus steatornis.

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