Definition of Genus furnarius

Genus furnarius n means: type genus of the family Furnariidae: ovenbirds

What is the meaning/definition of Genus furnarius ?

Genus furnarius (n) means: type genus of the family Furnariidae: ovenbirds Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Rfusunsruign ea

Meaning of Genus furnarius

Genus furnarius (n) means: type genus of the family Furnariidae: ovenbirds

Genus furnarius (n): Type genus of the family Furnariidae: ovenbirds. Example usage of Genus furnarius:

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More meanings and definitions of Genus furnarius?

Genus furnarius (n): Type genus of the family Furnariidae: ovenbirds

Meanings and definitions of Genus furnarius?

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Create anagrams from rfsrnsua ueiugn. genus furnarius. is an anagram from giu nnesrafsuur. Word anagrams for ifrrnsunuae ugs. genus furnarius uuassi nnerfurg word puzzles, sfasrrenuginuu. Meaning of genus furnarius.

Meaning of genus furnarius

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Form anagrams from gfne ruiuuanssr. genus furnarius. is an anagram from niaerruus sgnfu. Word puzzles for unrufsuG raeins. genus furnarius ifeursuras ungn, igfuanssnrurue . Meaning of genus furnarius.

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