Definition of Andantino

Andantino s means: (of tempo) moderately fast

What is the meaning/definition of Andantino ?

Andantino (s) means: (of tempo) moderately fast Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Iadnnaont

Meaning of Andantino

Andantino (s) means: (of tempo) moderately fast

Andantino (s): (of tempo) moderately fast. Example usage of Andantino:

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More meanings and definitions of Andantino?

Andantino (s): (of tempo) moderately fast

Meanings and definitions of Andantino?

Andantino (a.): Rather quicker than andante; between that allegretto.

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Create anagrams from aotnniadn. andantino. is an anagram from aiodnntan. Word anagrams for adnainnot. andantino tanaodnni word puzzles, nioadatnn. Meaning of andantino.

Meaning of andantino

Form anagrams from oanantdin. andantino. is an anagram from dannoatni. Word puzzles for tnnnAiado. andantino iaanntdon, ntoaniadn. Meaning of andantino.

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