Definition of Anastomus

Anastomus n means: openbills

What is the meaning/definition of Anastomus ?

Anastomus (n) means: openbills Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Aouatsmns

Meaning of Anastomus

Anastomus (n) means: openbills

Anastomus (n): Openbills. Example usage of Anastomus:

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Anastomus (n): Openbills

Meanings and definitions of Anastomus?

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Create anagrams from tmsosnaua. anastomus. is an anagram from aunamssto. Word anagrams for somnaasut. anastomus staoasnum word puzzles, tusnsaoam. Meaning of anastomus.

Meaning of anastomus

Form anagrams from aaontsums. anastomus. is an anagram from nmtasousa. Word puzzles for muatonsAs. anastomus snomtuasa, nmutaasso. Meaning of anastomus.

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