Definition of Gallinago

Gallinago n means: snipes

What is the meaning/definition of Gallinago ?

Gallinago (n) means: snipes Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Lniolgaga

Meaning of Gallinago

Gallinago (n) means: snipes

Gallinago (n): Snipes. Example usage of Gallinago:

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More meanings and definitions of Gallinago?

Gallinago (n): Snipes

Meanings and definitions of Gallinago?

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Create anagrams from gaolginla. gallinago. is an anagram from ngalaglio. Word anagrams for aglgilnao. gallinago glganiaol word puzzles, naaoigllg. Meaning of gallinago.

Meaning of gallinago

Meaning of gallinago gallinago

Meaning of gallinago gallinago delicata

Meaning of gallinago media

Form anagrams from gogaianll. gallinago. is an anagram from lianaggol. Word puzzles for oalgiaGnl. gallinago oaglglnai, ilgaoangl. Meaning of gallinago.

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