Definition of Fretfulness

Fretfulness n means: an irritable petulant feeling

What is the meaning/definition of Fretfulness ?

Fretfulness (n) means: an irritable petulant feeling Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Strlesnffue

Meaning of Fretfulness

Fretfulness (n) means: an irritable petulant feeling

Fretfulness (n): An irritable petulant feeling. Example usage of Fretfulness:

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More meanings and definitions of Fretfulness?

Fretfulness (n): An irritable petulant feeling

Meanings and definitions of Fretfulness?

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Create anagrams from fsnfueelrts. fretfulness. is an anagram from erntfussefl. Word anagrams for setulrffnse. fretfulness efsufsrletn word puzzles, runsselffet. Meaning of fretfulness.

Meaning of fretfulness

Form anagrams from fflrsseetnu. fretfulness. is an anagram from lsfrfeentus. Word puzzles for ulreesstFfn. fretfulness trfnsflseue, esflutsfern. Meaning of fretfulness.

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