Definition of Fossilise

Fossilise v means: become mentally inflexible

What is the meaning/definition of Fossilise ?

Fossilise (v) means: become mentally inflexible Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Soslisfie

Meaning of Fossilise

Fossilise (v) means: become mentally inflexible

Fossilise (v): Become mentally inflexible. Example usage of Fossilise:

Fossilise (v): Convert to a fossil. Example usage of Fossilise: The little animals fossilized and are now embedded

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Fossilise (v): Convert to a fossil

Fossilise (v): Become mentally inflexible

Meanings and definitions of Fossilise?

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Create anagrams from lfiiessos. fossilise. is an anagram from fsseioisl. Word anagrams for sfsleiosi. fossilise sifesslio word puzzles, soesilfsi. Meaning of fossilise.

Meaning of fossilise

Meaning of fossilised

Form anagrams from ssfileiso. fossilise. is an anagram from filessios. Word puzzles for Flsssoeii. fossilise flosseiis, ssieslfoi. Meaning of fossilise.

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