Definition of Ammonification

Ammonification n means: impregnation with ammonia or a compound of ammonia

What is the meaning/definition of Ammonification ?

Ammonification (n) means: impregnation with ammonia or a compound of ammonia Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Tiamfcainioonm

Meaning of Ammonification

Ammonification (n) means: impregnation with ammonia or a compound of ammonia

Ammonification (n): Impregnation with ammonia or a compound of ammonia. Example usage of Ammonification:

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More meanings and definitions of Ammonification?

Ammonification (n): Impregnation with ammonia or a compound of ammonia

Meanings and definitions of Ammonification?

Words and phrases similar to Ammonification or words and definitions that start with Ammonification

Create anagrams from nmfiiocitaonam. ammonification. is an anagram from itmmifainoocna. Word anagrams for nonmoatmiifcia. ammonification toaionimnaimcf word puzzles, afitoinaicmomn. Meaning of ammonification.

Meaning of ammonification

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Form anagrams from onmiciafntmaoi. ammonification. is an anagram from noiofinimcaamt. Word puzzles for iftoniimAcnmoa. ammonification miannfotiacmio, tioicniomafanm. Meaning of ammonification.

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