Definition of Farcically

Farcically r means: in a farcical manner

A farcically inept bungler

What is the meaning/definition of Farcically ?

Farcically (r) means: in a farcical manner Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Acilrclfya

Meaning of Farcically

Farcically (r) means: in a farcical manner

Farcically (r): In a farcical manner. Example usage of Farcically: A farcically inept bungler

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Farcically (r): In a farcical manner

Meanings and definitions of Farcically?

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Create anagrams from aafycliclr. farcically. is an anagram from aaicrfllyc. Word anagrams for claairyclf. farcically lcayralcif word puzzles, caafiycrll. Meaning of farcically.

Meaning of farcically

Form anagrams from acyllafirc. farcically. is an anagram from lacfyclria. Word puzzles for lirccaFayl. farcically cfcaaryill, rayclaicfl. Meaning of farcically.

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