Definition of Enviably

Enviably r means: in an enviable manner

She was enviably fluent in French

What is the meaning/definition of Enviably ?

Enviably (r) means: in an enviable manner Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Bilnveya

Meaning of Enviably

Enviably (r) means: in an enviable manner

Enviably (r): In an enviable manner. Example usage of Enviably: She was enviably fluent in French

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Enviably (r): In an enviable manner

Meanings and definitions of Enviably?

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Create anagrams from yvbneali. enviably. is an anagram from vileaynb. Word anagrams for ibnvelay. enviably ylvbiean word puzzles, avyibnel. Meaning of enviably.

Meaning of enviably

Form anagrams from biyleanv. enviably. is an anagram from ynieblva. Word puzzles for iEbyalvn. enviably nyiaeblv, vybaline. Meaning of enviably.

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