Definition of Abadan

Abadan n means: a port city in southwestern Iran

What is the meaning/definition of Abadan ?

Abadan (n) means: a port city in southwestern Iran Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Dnabaa

Meaning of Abadan

Abadan (n) means: a port city in southwestern Iran

Abadan (n): A port city in southwestern Iran. Example usage of Abadan:

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More meanings and definitions of Abadan?

Abadan (n): A port city in southwestern Iran

Meanings and definitions of Abadan?

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Create anagrams from adnbaa. abadan. is an anagram from adbaan. Word anagrams for aanadb. abadan nabada word puzzles, aaabdn. Meaning of abadan.

Meaning of abadan

Form anagrams from naabda. abadan. is an anagram from adnaab. Word puzzles for dbAaan. abadan aaadnb, adnaba. Meaning of abadan.

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