Definition of Electra complex

Electra complex n means: a complex of females; sexual attraction to the father

What is the meaning/definition of Electra complex ?

Electra complex (n) means: a complex of females; sexual attraction to the father Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of leccmrealtpxoe

Meaning of Electra complex

Electra complex (n) means: a complex of females; sexual attraction to the father

Electra complex (n): A complex of females; sexual attraction to the father. Example usage of Electra complex:

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More meanings and definitions of Electra complex?

Electra complex (n): A complex of females; sexual attraction to the father

Meanings and definitions of Electra complex?

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Create anagrams from cxpmotelce arle. electra complex. is an anagram from mltrc epecalexo. Word anagrams for pr ecaleeltmocx. electra complex rteome cplxealc word puzzles, reclxoe pcamlte. Meaning of electra complex.

Meaning of electra complex

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Form anagrams from lecetpmcaoexr l. electra complex. is an anagram from remtl ceplcoxae. Word puzzles for Et orcmxelpealc. electra complex aemce elrctopxl, pmerlae coecltx. Meaning of electra complex.

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