Definition of Dwell on

Dwell on v means: delay

What is the meaning/definition of Dwell on ?

Dwell on (v) means: delay Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Ole nwld

Meaning of Dwell on

Dwell on (v) means: delay

Dwell on (v): Delay. Example usage of Dwell on:

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Dwell on (v): Delay

Meanings and definitions of Dwell on?

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Create anagrams from d neollw. dwell on. is an anagram from owl nlde. Word anagrams for ledolwn . dwell on ll edwon word puzzles, enwdlo l. Meaning of dwell on.

Meaning of dwell on

Form anagrams from lwel ndo. dwell on. is an anagram from dlwole n. Word puzzles for e llnDwo. dwell on wlndoel, nlldwoe. Meaning of dwell on.

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