Definition of Dreg

Dreg n means: a small amount of residue

What is the meaning/definition of Dreg ?

Dreg (n) means: a small amount of residue Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Egdr

Meaning of Dreg

Dreg (n) means: a small amount of residue

Dreg (n): A small amount of residue. Example usage of Dreg:

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More meanings and definitions of Dreg?

Dreg (n): A small amount of residue

Meanings and definitions of Dreg?

Dreg (n.): Corrupt or defiling matter contained in a liquid, or precipitated from it; refuse; feculence; lees; grounds; sediment; hence, the vilest and most worthless part of anything; as, the dregs of society.

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Create anagrams from dger. dreg. is an anagram from gdre. Word anagrams for rged. dreg ergd word puzzles, dgre. Meaning of dreg.

Meaning of dreg

Meaning of dregs

Form anagrams from redg. dreg. is an anagram from rdeg. Word puzzles for rDeg. dreg egrd, gred. Meaning of dreg.

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