Definition of Doodly-squat

Doodly-squat n means: a small worthless amount

You don't know jack

What is the meaning/definition of Doodly-squat ?

Doodly-squat (n) means: a small worthless amount Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Ddaoqls-ytuo

Meaning of Doodly-squat

Doodly-squat (n) means: a small worthless amount

Doodly-squat (n): A small worthless amount. Example usage of Doodly-squat: You don't know jack

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Doodly-squat (n): A small worthless amount

Meanings and definitions of Doodly-squat?

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Create anagrams from td-olqoysuad. doodly-squat. is an anagram from saqduoo-tyld. Word anagrams for oduqtla-syod. doodly-squat dlodsoyutqa- word puzzles, slaoytodq-du. Meaning of doodly-squat.

Meaning of doodly-squat

Form anagrams from yotq-ausdldo. doodly-squat. is an anagram from ouad-qoydtls. Word puzzles for Ddouylaosqt-. doodly-squat ooqlyt-asudd, uqyodldotas-. Meaning of doodly-squat.

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