Definition of Distractedly

Distractedly r means: in a distracted manner

`Come in,' he said distractedly

What is the meaning/definition of Distractedly ?

Distractedly (r) means: in a distracted manner Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Rdttcsideyal

Meaning of Distractedly

Distractedly (r) means: in a distracted manner

Distractedly (r): In a distracted manner. Example usage of Distractedly: `Come in,' he said distractedly

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More meanings and definitions of Distractedly?

Distractedly (r): In a distracted manner

Meanings and definitions of Distractedly?

Distractedly (adv.): Disjointedly; madly.

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Create anagrams from eltytsadcdir. distractedly. is an anagram from cdtystidaler. Word anagrams for deittclsrayd. distractedly icadstltryde word puzzles, dyidtsleatcr. Meaning of distractedly.

Meaning of distractedly

Form anagrams from raddisttcyle. distractedly. is an anagram from taddcresylti. Word puzzles for aitedtcyrsDl. distractedly sicdadlettyr, rsadycldeitt. Meaning of distractedly.

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