Definition of Dictate

Dictate n means: a guiding principle

The dictates of reason

What is the meaning/definition of Dictate ?

Dictate (n) means: a guiding principle Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Ateticd

Meaning of Dictate

Dictate (n) means: a guiding principle

Dictate (n): A guiding principle. Example usage of Dictate: The dictates of reason

Dictate (n): An authoritative rule. Example usage of Dictate:

Dictate (v): Say out loud for the purpose of recording. Example usage of Dictate: He dictated a report to his secretary

Dictate (v): Issue commands or orders for. Example usage of Dictate:

Dictate (v): Rule as a dictator. Example usage of Dictate:

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More meanings and definitions of Dictate?

Dictate (n): An authoritative rule

Dictate (n): A guiding principle

Dictate (v): Issue commands or orders for

Dictate (v): Say out loud for the purpose of recording

Dictate (v): Rule as a dictator

Meanings and definitions of Dictate?

Dictate (v. t.): To tell or utter so that another may write down; to inspire; to compose; as, to dictate a letter to an amanuensis.

Dictate (v. t.): To say; to utter; to communicate authoritatively; to deliver (a command) to a subordinate; to declare with authority; to impose; as, to dictate the terms of a treaty; a general dictates orders to his troops.

Dictate (v. i.): To speak as a superior; to command; to impose conditions (on).

Dictate (v. i.): To compose literary works; to tell what shall be written or said by another.

Dictate (v. t.): A statement delivered with authority; an order; a command; an authoritative rule, principle, or maxim; a prescription; as, listen to the dictates of your conscience; the dictates of the gospel.

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Create anagrams from ittadec. dictate. is an anagram from ttdcaei. Word anagrams for cttdiea. dictate eatdcit word puzzles, aittecd. Meaning of dictate.

Meaning of dictate

Meaning of dictated

Form anagrams from acttied. dictate. is an anagram from dtectia. Word puzzles for ciaeDtt. dictate etaticd, cidttea. Meaning of dictate.

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