Definition of Cosiness

Cosiness n means: a state of warm snug comfort

What is the meaning/definition of Cosiness ?

Cosiness (n) means: a state of warm snug comfort Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Ncsesois

Meaning of Cosiness

Cosiness (n) means: a state of warm snug comfort

Cosiness (n): A state of warm snug comfort. Example usage of Cosiness:

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Cosiness (n): A state of warm snug comfort

Meanings and definitions of Cosiness?

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Create anagrams from osicsens. cosiness. is an anagram from snscoesi. Word anagrams for oessincs. cosiness snocsise word puzzles, icsossen. Meaning of cosiness.

Meaning of cosiness

Form anagrams from ocssensi. cosiness. is an anagram from nesiocss. Word puzzles for sseiCosn. cosiness cnsesios, sessnoci. Meaning of cosiness.

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