Definition of Concretize

Concretize v means: become specific

The idea concretized in her mind

What is the meaning/definition of Concretize ?

Concretize (v) means: become specific Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Ozrcenceti

Meaning of Concretize

Concretize (v) means: become specific

Concretize (v): Become specific. Example usage of Concretize: The idea concretized in her mind

Concretize (v): Make something concrete. Example usage of Concretize:

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More meanings and definitions of Concretize?

Concretize (v): Make something concrete

Concretize (v): Become specific

Meanings and definitions of Concretize?

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Create anagrams from eriencctoz. concretize. is an anagram from tnzorciece. Word anagrams for ztcnieceor. concretize ntcceroezi word puzzles, neccizorte. Meaning of concretize.

Meaning of concretize

Form anagrams from otrcieznce. concretize. is an anagram from tezieoncrc. Word puzzles for Ctzeocnrie. concretize triecoeznc, ozcierncte. Meaning of concretize.

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