Definition of Clinker-built

Clinker-built a means: having overlapping hull planks

What is the meaning/definition of Clinker-built ?

Clinker-built (a) means: having overlapping hull planks Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Kul-cibnltier

Meaning of Clinker-built

Clinker-built (a) means: having overlapping hull planks

Clinker-built (a): Having overlapping hull planks. Example usage of Clinker-built:

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More meanings and definitions of Clinker-built?

Clinker-built (a): Having overlapping hull planks

Meanings and definitions of Clinker-built?

Clinker-built (a.): Having the side planks (af a boat) so arranged that the lower edge of each overlaps the upper edge of the plank next below it like clapboards on a house. See Lapstreak.

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Create anagrams from ki-urtlecblin. clinker-built. is an anagram from i-ncltlubkeri. Word anagrams for bilru-tnilcke. clinker-built ckilnibltru-e word puzzles, ink-litrbceul. Meaning of clinker-built.

Meaning of clinker-built

Form anagrams from elkutiblc-inr. clinker-built. is an anagram from rbekntiul-lic. Word puzzles for ikltblriuCn-e. clinker-built llc-eiutnbkri, eiubilcrknlt-. Meaning of clinker-built.

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