Definition of 45

45 s means: being five more than forty

What is the meaning/definition of 45 ?

45 (s) means: being five more than forty Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of 45

Meaning of 45

45 (s) means: being five more than forty

45 (s): Being five more than forty. Example usage of 45:

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45 (s): Being five more than forty

Meanings and definitions of 45?

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Create anagrams from 45. 45. is an anagram from 45. Word anagrams for 45. 45 54 word puzzles, 45. Meaning of 45.

Meaning of 45

Meaning of 45th

Form anagrams from 45. 45. is an anagram from 45. Word puzzles for 45. 45 45, 54. Meaning of 45.

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