Definition of Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease n means: a disease of the heart or blood vessels

What is the meaning/definition of Cardiovascular disease ?

Cardiovascular disease (n) means: a disease of the heart or blood vessels Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Iasoae cacidarervdslus

Meaning of Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease (n) means: a disease of the heart or blood vessels

Cardiovascular disease (n): A disease of the heart or blood vessels. Example usage of Cardiovascular disease:

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More meanings and definitions of Cardiovascular disease?

Cardiovascular disease (n): A disease of the heart or blood vessels

Meanings and definitions of Cardiovascular disease?

Words and phrases similar to Cardiovascular disease or words and definitions that start with Cardiovascular disease

Create anagrams from ddcaerorsl usiciaaevas. cardiovascular disease. is an anagram from vuaai srdcdaeocraisesl. Word anagrams for ildvacarseuocsia srade. cardiovascular disease ascssliicadrdeoeav ura word puzzles, rclairvecadadsaui seso. Meaning of cardiovascular disease.

Meaning of cardiovascular disease

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Form anagrams from ria eesrsiolvaasdacudc. cardiovascular disease. is an anagram from iaruacss erlacsaidedov. Word puzzles for ussc odCavrieadrlaeisa. cardiovascular disease secrraauilsaoidcdva se, ariaaolesrcdvsia ucdes. Meaning of cardiovascular disease.

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