Definition of 30 minutes

30 minutes n means: a half of an hour

What is the meaning/definition of 30 minutes ?

30 minutes (n) means: a half of an hour Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of S3tein0 mu

Meaning of 30 minutes

30 minutes (n) means: a half of an hour

30 minutes (n): A half of an hour. Example usage of 30 minutes:

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More meanings and definitions of 30 minutes?

30 minutes (n): A half of an hour

Meanings and definitions of 30 minutes?

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Create anagrams from ns30ti uem. 30 minutes. is an anagram from 0mtsen ui3. Word anagrams for ie3tuns 0m. 30 minutes iun30tems word puzzles, 3n 0estmiu. Meaning of 30 minutes.

Meaning of 30 minutes

Form anagrams from 3n umstie0. 30 minutes. is an anagram from 0eu st3imn. Word puzzles for mi0ue ts3n. 30 minutes umie0n3st , utnsm3e i0. Meaning of 30 minutes.

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