Definition of Waggish

Waggish s means: witty or joking

Muskrat Castle as the house has been facetiously named by some waggish officer

What is the meaning/definition of Waggish ?

Waggish (s) means: witty or joking Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Hiswgga

Meaning of Waggish

Waggish (s) means: witty or joking

Waggish (s): Witty or joking. Example usage of Waggish: Muskrat Castle as the house has been facetiously n

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More meanings and definitions of Waggish?

Waggish (s): Witty or joking

Meanings and definitions of Waggish?

Waggish (a.): Like a wag; mischievous in sport; roguish in merriment or good humor; frolicsome.

Waggish (a.): Done, made, or laid in waggery or for sport; sportive; humorous; as, a waggish trick.

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Create anagrams from aswihgg. waggish. is an anagram from ggaiswh. Word anagrams for hasggiw. waggish aswhgig word puzzles, asgihwg. Meaning of waggish.

Meaning of waggish

Meaning of waggishly

Meaning of waggishness

Form anagrams from sghgiaw. waggish. is an anagram from gihgaws. Word puzzles for aihWggs. waggish sihgwga, ggswahi. Meaning of waggish.

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