Definition of Waggery

Waggery n means: a quaint and amusing jest

What is the meaning/definition of Waggery ?

Waggery (n) means: a quaint and amusing jest Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Garwgey

Meaning of Waggery

Waggery (n) means: a quaint and amusing jest

Waggery (n): A quaint and amusing jest. Example usage of Waggery:

Waggery (n): Waggish behavior. Example usage of Waggery:

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More meanings and definitions of Waggery?

Waggery (n): Waggish behavior

Waggery (n): A quaint and amusing jest

Meanings and definitions of Waggery?

Waggery (n.): The manner or action of a wag; mischievous merriment; sportive trick or gayety; good-humored sarcasm; pleasantry; jocularity; as, the waggery of a schoolboy.

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Create anagrams from rgyeawg. waggery. is an anagram from garyweg. Word anagrams for ygegawr. waggery gaeygrw word puzzles, eraggwy. Meaning of waggery.

Meaning of waggery

Form anagrams from gewyarg. waggery. is an anagram from wraeygg. Word puzzles for erWaggy. waggery gegrywa, wrgegay. Meaning of waggery.

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