Definition of Validating

Validating s means: serving to support or corroborate

Collateral evidence

What is the meaning/definition of Validating ?

Validating (s) means: serving to support or corroborate Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Nlidvtgiaa

Meaning of Validating

Validating (s) means: serving to support or corroborate

Validating (s): Serving to support or corroborate. Example usage of Validating: Collateral evidence

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Validating (s): Serving to support or corroborate

Meanings and definitions of Validating?

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Create anagrams from tgiadvnali. validating. is an anagram from lgdtnvaaii. Word anagrams for vtginiadal. validating gdiaaivnlt word puzzles, dtiinagval. Meaning of validating.

Meaning of validating

Form anagrams from tglainavdi. validating. is an anagram from ngidaaivtl. Word puzzles for gtVaidnial. validating iatlnvdgia, ivagdtnail. Meaning of validating.

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