Definition of Valenciennes lace

Valenciennes lace n means: a type of bobbin lace with floral patterns

What is the meaning/definition of Valenciennes lace ?

Valenciennes lace (n) means: a type of bobbin lace with floral patterns Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of anlsaceveeninecl

Meaning of Valenciennes lace

Valenciennes lace (n) means: a type of bobbin lace with floral patterns

Valenciennes lace (n): A type of bobbin lace with floral patterns. Example usage of Valenciennes lace:

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More meanings and definitions of Valenciennes lace?

Valenciennes lace (n): A type of bobbin lace with floral patterns

Meanings and definitions of Valenciennes lace?

Valenciennes lace (): A rich kind of lace made at Valenciennes, in France. Each piece is made throughout, ground and pattern, by the same person and with the same thread, the pattern being worked in the net.

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Create anagrams from nsnceel cneelvaai. valenciennes lace. is an anagram from nle linsceeaeavnc. Word anagrams for leaneccensnive al. valenciennes lace evlenaclnan cesie word puzzles, nacenlcnaiseelev. Meaning of valenciennes lace.

Meaning of valenciennes lace

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Form anagrams from ilne cesaceavennl. valenciennes lace. is an anagram from eaisne lcenncealv. Word puzzles for lValee ncniecaens. valenciennes lace ceilanenesvclnea, lecleneanvicn aes. Meaning of valenciennes lace.

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