Definition of V-day

V-day n means: the day of a victory

What is the meaning/definition of V-day ?

V-day (n) means: the day of a victory Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of -ayvd

Meaning of V-day

V-day (n) means: the day of a victory

V-day (n): The day of a victory. Example usage of V-day:

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V-day (n): The day of a victory

Meanings and definitions of V-day?

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Create anagrams from yvd-a. v-day. is an anagram from -vdya. Word anagrams for -ayvd. v-day -advy word puzzles, dvya-. Meaning of v-day.

Meaning of v-day

Form anagrams from yvd-a. v-day. is an anagram from ya-vd. Word puzzles for yd-Va. v-day v-ady, v-yad. Meaning of v-day.

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