Definition of U-shaped

U-shaped s means: shaped in the form of the letter U

What is the meaning/definition of U-shaped ?

U-shaped (s) means: shaped in the form of the letter U Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Pdsueah-

Meaning of U-shaped

U-shaped (s) means: shaped in the form of the letter U

U-shaped (s): Shaped in the form of the letter U. Example usage of U-shaped:

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More meanings and definitions of U-shaped?

U-shaped (s): Shaped in the form of the letter U

Meanings and definitions of U-shaped?

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Create anagrams from edsauph-. u-shaped. is an anagram from duesp-ha. Word anagrams for esh-adup. u-shaped -asephdu word puzzles, pead-shu. Meaning of u-shaped.

Meaning of u-shaped

Form anagrams from apdsheu-. u-shaped. is an anagram from ehupa-ds. Word puzzles for pe-haUsd. u-shaped dpasuhe-, u-hepdsa. Meaning of u-shaped.

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