Definition of Acidify

Acidify v means: turn acidic

The solution acetified

What is the meaning/definition of Acidify ?

Acidify (v) means: turn acidic Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Afdyici

Meaning of Acidify

Acidify (v) means: turn acidic

Acidify (v): Turn acidic. Example usage of Acidify: The solution acetified

Acidify (v): Make sour or more sour. Example usage of Acidify:

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More meanings and definitions of Acidify?

Acidify (v): Make sour or more sour

Acidify (v): Turn acidic

Meanings and definitions of Acidify?

Acidify (v. t.): To make acid; to convert into an acid; as, to acidify sugar.

Acidify (v. t.): To sour; to imbitter.

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Create anagrams from ayiidfc. acidify. is an anagram from cidiafy. Word anagrams for dfyciia. acidify icdfyai word puzzles, yicfadi. Meaning of acidify.

Meaning of acidify

Form anagrams from yifcadi. acidify. is an anagram from difaiyc. Word puzzles for cyfiidA. acidify adfiiyc, iafydic. Meaning of acidify.

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