Definition of Benevolently

Benevolently r means: in a benevolent manner

She looked on benevolently

What is the meaning/definition of Benevolently ?

Benevolently (r) means: in a benevolent manner Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Lyteebonevln

Meaning of Benevolently

Benevolently (r) means: in a benevolent manner

Benevolently (r): In a benevolent manner. Example usage of Benevolently: She looked on benevolently

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More meanings and definitions of Benevolently?

Benevolently (r): In a benevolent manner

Meanings and definitions of Benevolently?

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Create anagrams from oevllnentbye. benevolently. is an anagram from enelevltnoby. Word anagrams for nlolntbevyee. benevolently betlnoevelyn word puzzles, ybteelloevnn. Meaning of benevolently.

Meaning of benevolently

Form anagrams from levtenloeybn. benevolently. is an anagram from ylletvnnboee. Word puzzles for lneevBltnoey. benevolently beveytloelnn, eeebolnvnlty. Meaning of benevolently.

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