Definition of Telegraph operator

Telegraph operator n means: someone who transmits messages by telegraph

What is the meaning/definition of Telegraph operator ?

Telegraph operator (n) means: someone who transmits messages by telegraph Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Hateao gprpteroelr

Meaning of Telegraph operator

Telegraph operator (n) means: someone who transmits messages by telegraph

Telegraph operator (n): Someone who transmits messages by telegraph. Example usage of Telegraph operator:

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More meanings and definitions of Telegraph operator?

Telegraph operator (n): Someone who transmits messages by telegraph

Meanings and definitions of Telegraph operator?

Words and phrases similar to Telegraph operator or words and definitions that start with Telegraph operator

Create anagrams from ererlpho rtgapeaot. telegraph operator. is an anagram from or ealhpptoeeartgr. Word anagrams for rarta lohpoegrpete. telegraph operator apreolretoahpgert word puzzles, opoertre paagtrleh. Meaning of telegraph operator.

Meaning of telegraph operator

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Form anagrams from rgort parptoheeeal. telegraph operator. is an anagram from prlorehpeargteota. Word puzzles for rageteleorrTop hpa. telegraph operator rpt raeeehtorolgap, grophete perolatar. Meaning of telegraph operator.

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