Definition of Telegraph operator

Telegraph operator n means: someone who transmits messages by telegraph

What is the meaning/definition of Telegraph operator ?

Telegraph operator (n) means: someone who transmits messages by telegraph Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Rp ogpreetlohraate

Meaning of Telegraph operator

Telegraph operator (n) means: someone who transmits messages by telegraph

Telegraph operator (n): Someone who transmits messages by telegraph. Example usage of Telegraph operator:

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More meanings and definitions of Telegraph operator?

Telegraph operator (n): Someone who transmits messages by telegraph

Meanings and definitions of Telegraph operator?

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Create anagrams from rpotohaegtrre lape. telegraph operator. is an anagram from hropa rtleegaropte. Word anagrams for lphopatrr egeaoret. telegraph operator taoglre paerreohtp word puzzles, eoreltgahtrorepa p. Meaning of telegraph operator.

Meaning of telegraph operator

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Form anagrams from hleertopetgorp aar. telegraph operator. is an anagram from epoe regprtarlotha. Word puzzles for telrro oergapphaeT. telegraph operator ppraettaerlr ooheg, epattrpaeloegrrho . Meaning of telegraph operator.

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