Definition of Spiritual leader

Spiritual leader n means: a leader in religious or sacred affairs

What is the meaning/definition of Spiritual leader ?

Spiritual leader (n) means: a leader in religious or sacred affairs Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Upldel sritiraea

Meaning of Spiritual leader

Spiritual leader (n) means: a leader in religious or sacred affairs

Spiritual leader (n): A leader in religious or sacred affairs. Example usage of Spiritual leader:

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More meanings and definitions of Spiritual leader?

Spiritual leader (n): A leader in religious or sacred affairs

Meanings and definitions of Spiritual leader?

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Create anagrams from lestrld ieupaira. spiritual leader. is an anagram from relilasdutierap. Word anagrams for iledp rtluiasrae. spiritual leader lrs dieaurlpetia word puzzles, luseard itrlipae. Meaning of spiritual leader.

Meaning of spiritual leader

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Form anagrams from latd ilarreeuspi. spiritual leader. is an anagram from itsipaldreraeu l. Word puzzles for irp tleSaiuardle. spiritual leader arusideitl alper, ltadiaupe serirl. Meaning of spiritual leader.

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