Definition of Bauxitic

Bauxitic a means: resembling or containing bauxite

What is the meaning/definition of Bauxitic ?

Bauxitic (a) means: resembling or containing bauxite Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Ixiucatb

Meaning of Bauxitic

Bauxitic (a) means: resembling or containing bauxite

Bauxitic (a): Resembling or containing bauxite. Example usage of Bauxitic:

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More meanings and definitions of Bauxitic?

Bauxitic (a): Resembling or containing bauxite

Meanings and definitions of Bauxitic?

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Create anagrams from ibaxctiu. bauxitic. is an anagram from ciuxatib. Word anagrams for xutbiica. bauxitic ixbaicut word puzzles, ibautcix. Meaning of bauxitic.

Meaning of bauxitic

Form anagrams from iatcuibx. bauxitic. is an anagram from tixaiubc. Word puzzles for xaBiucti. bauxitic xbiuatic, cixtuiab. Meaning of bauxitic.

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