Definition of Slickly

Slickly r means: with superficial plausibility

He talked glibly

What is the meaning/definition of Slickly ?

Slickly (r) means: with superficial plausibility Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Cyilskl

Meaning of Slickly

Slickly (r) means: with superficial plausibility

Slickly (r): With superficial plausibility. Example usage of Slickly: He talked glibly

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Slickly (r): With superficial plausibility

Meanings and definitions of Slickly?

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Create anagrams from ilcklsy. slickly. is an anagram from sckilly. Word anagrams for lclksyi. slickly siklylc word puzzles, cksliyl. Meaning of slickly.

Meaning of slickly

Form anagrams from kllyisc. slickly. is an anagram from kcilyls. Word puzzles for llkcSyi. slickly yslckli, ilslkyc. Meaning of slickly.

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