Definition of Shebeen

Shebeen n means: unlicensed drinking establishment

What is the meaning/definition of Shebeen ?

Shebeen (n) means: unlicensed drinking establishment Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Beehsne

Meaning of Shebeen

Shebeen (n) means: unlicensed drinking establishment

Shebeen (n): Unlicensed drinking establishment. Example usage of Shebeen:

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More meanings and definitions of Shebeen?

Shebeen (n): Unlicensed drinking establishment

Meanings and definitions of Shebeen?

Shebeen (n.): A low public house; especially, a place where spirits and other excisable liquors are illegally and privately sold.

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Create anagrams from senheeb. shebeen. is an anagram from eehsenb. Word anagrams for ebhesne. shebeen ehensbe word puzzles, eeehbsn. Meaning of shebeen.

Meaning of shebeen

Form anagrams from seebenh. shebeen. is an anagram from nebehse. Word puzzles for beShnee. shebeen shnbeee, beshene. Meaning of shebeen.

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