Definition of Regrettable

Regrettable s means: deserving regret

Regrettable remarks|it's regrettable that she didn't go to college|it's too bad he had no feeling himself for church

What is the meaning/definition of Regrettable ?

Regrettable (s) means: deserving regret Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Earberteglt

Meaning of Regrettable

Regrettable (s) means: deserving regret

Regrettable (s): Deserving regret. Example usage of Regrettable: Regrettable remarks|it's regrettable that she didn

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More meanings and definitions of Regrettable?

Regrettable (s): Deserving regret

Meanings and definitions of Regrettable?

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Create anagrams from lbreetaetrg. regrettable. is an anagram from bglarreeett. Word anagrams for rtleebatrge. regrettable tlrrbgetaee word puzzles, eetebagrrtl. Meaning of regrettable.

Meaning of regrettable

Form anagrams from bareetrtlge. regrettable. is an anagram from agebterletr. Word puzzles for lteegerRtba. regrettable rgltebterea, brttrlgaeee. Meaning of regrettable.

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