Definition of Quarrel

Quarrel n means: an arrow that is shot from a crossbow; has a head with four edges

What is the meaning/definition of Quarrel ?

Quarrel (n) means: an arrow that is shot from a crossbow; has a head with four edges Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Rularqe

Meaning of Quarrel

Quarrel (n) means: an arrow that is shot from a crossbow; has a head with four edges

Quarrel (n): An arrow that is shot from a crossbow; has a head with four edge. Example usage of Quarrel:

Quarrel (n): An angry dispute. Example usage of Quarrel: They had a quarrel|they had words

Quarrel (v): Have a disagreement over something. Example usage of Quarrel: We quarreled over the question as to who discovere

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More meanings and definitions of Quarrel?

Quarrel (n): An angry dispute

Quarrel (n): An arrow that is shot from a crossbow; has a head with four edge

Quarrel (v): Have a disagreement over something

Meanings and definitions of Quarrel?

Quarrel (n.): An arrow for a crossbow; -- so named because it commonly had a square head.

Quarrel (n.): Any small square or quadrangular member

Quarrel (n.): A square of glass, esp. when set diagonally.

Quarrel (n.): A small opening in window tracery, of which the cusps, etc., make the form nearly square.

Quarrel (n.): A square or lozenge-shaped paving tile.

Quarrel (n.): A glazier's diamond.

Quarrel (n.): A four-sided cutting tool or chisel having a diamond-shaped end.

Quarrel (n.): A breach of concord, amity, or obligation; a falling out; a difference; a disagreement; an antagonism in opinion, feeling, or conduct; esp., an angry dispute, contest, or strife; a brawl; an altercation; as, he had a quarrel with his father about expenses.

Quarrel (n.): Ground of objection, dislike, difference, or hostility; cause of dispute or contest; occasion of altercation.

Quarrel (n.): Earnest desire or longing.

Quarrel (v. i.): To violate concord or agreement; to have a difference; to fall out; to be or become antagonistic.

Quarrel (v. i.): To dispute angrily, or violently; to wrangle; to scold; to altercate; to contend; to fight.

Quarrel (v. i.): To find fault; to cavil; as, to quarrel with one's lot.

Quarrel (v. t.): To quarrel with.

Quarrel (v. t.): To compel by a quarrel; as, to quarrel a man out of his estate or rights.

Quarrel (n.): One who quarrels or wrangles; one who is quarrelsome.

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Create anagrams from aurerql. quarrel. is an anagram from lquarer. Word anagrams for arqurle. quarrel qrurlae word puzzles, rlqreau. Meaning of quarrel.

Meaning of quarrel

Meaning of quarreler

Meaning of quarreller

Meaning of quarrelsome

Meaning of quarrelsomeness

Form anagrams from arlueqr. quarrel. is an anagram from laurqre. Word puzzles for rQualer. quarrel erqrual, qlreura. Meaning of quarrel.

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