Definition of Qadi

Qadi n means: an Islamic judge

What is the meaning/definition of Qadi ?

Qadi (n) means: an Islamic judge Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Aiqd

Meaning of Qadi

Qadi (n) means: an Islamic judge

Qadi (n): An Islamic judge. Example usage of Qadi:

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More meanings and definitions of Qadi?

Qadi (n): An Islamic judge

Meanings and definitions of Qadi?

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Create anagrams from daqi. qadi. is an anagram from diaq. Word anagrams for iaqd. qadi idaq word puzzles, aidq. Meaning of qadi.

Meaning of qadi

Form anagrams from qiad. qadi. is an anagram from daqi. Word puzzles for dQai. qadi iaqd, qida. Meaning of qadi.

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